Subway [Tile Stop] // Tile Timelessness

Subway (Tile Stop)

Whether building new or renovating/updating there is one mistake that get an eye roll from yours truly- a totally “tricked out” trend driven bathroom. Sure, have all of the amenities that you want. I have my must have list, too. However, unless you're a true Modernist and are designing a stark bathroom right, there is a fool-proof design equation that can be followed and has stood the test of time for over a century. Begin with subway tile. Ceramic, marble, porcelain- any of these will materials will suggest permanence and won’t look like your typical “done on the cheap” space with (another eye roll) glass mosaic tile. Check out these bathrooms that haven’t strayed from tradition and you won’t want to demo in a few years. The first is a lower level space that I designed, inspired by old Missouri Athletic Club locker rooms circa 1930. The following two are well done representation that are great illustrations and lastly, a vintage bath/W.C. that proves my point about timelessness.

Happy bathing!