The Cortona At Forest Park

One of my latest projects is a build out and finishing the interiors of the new development, The Cortona at Forest Park. It’s an exciting addition to the area just to the south of Highway 40, The Highlands, that overlooks Forest Park- talk about location. It will feature not only a variety of modern spaces but amenities like a central courtyard with cascading pools (yes, multiple), cabanas, long, linear fire pits and a 7,000 square foot luxury club room.

Starting from scratch, I’m beginning designing the models for the building which will ultimately serve as guest suites and accommodate resident’s weekend visitors to alleviate the stress of hoteling it. I won’t give away too much of the designs, but there is an exciting exterior aesthetic to the building that I want to make the interiors mirror- fresh, young and stylish. Clean lines and linear pieces will let one’s eye travel throughout the spaces with the backdrop of the floor to ceiling windows and compliment the well proportioned units. We’re slated to open it’s doors in January- along with suites designed by yours truly. Very excited.

Check out The Cortona’s development progress…