A Holiday Film Must See...

So, this is to all lovers of design, grande dames, everything that is fab and, of course, The Holidays-

There are a few movies that are special to me during the Holidays (I won’t mention “Meet Me in St. Louis,” because it goes without saying and has one of the most wonderful Christmas scenes in any film) but, another in particular, is “Mame.”

It is one of the most fabulously styled works gifted to audiences on film, but, there’s a scene in which “in the depression was she depressed? Noooo-where near…” Auntie Mame (socialite extraordinaire) takes a job in a department store to make ends meet and comes home from being ceremoniously out on her can, to find her incredible Beekman Place apartment lovingly and inexpensively decorated to the nines by her loved ones- commence the song  “For We Need a Little Christmas.”

It’s a testament to what this time of year is all about- aside from how gorgeous that apartment of her’s is- there’s a blended group of people who have made a family amongst themselves and what they find truly blessed with is just that. Family.

So, in the spirit of the Holidays, here is to all of you and your families, loved ones and friends who make this time of year just that much more special… (And also a few shameless pics from the movie and all of that Style).

Happy Holidays!