Calling For Custom

I got a call recently from a young family who were in need of some consulting to make sense of their very cool Tower Grove, commercial space turned industrial residential home. The first priority they both wanted to address was the enormous public space which consists of three separate areas- Living, Dining, and a reclaimed antique Bar which is perfect for their entertaining needs.

What wasn’t ideal was the total open space concept which didn’t make it easy to identify the 3 main purposes of the space. There was also a lack of some much needed storage for a collection of books, storage for their daughter’s toys, and also something that reflected my clients relaxed personalities that I wanted reflected in their home. I also didn’t want to chop up the space by introducing walls or any solid division of the space.

What I designed to maintain the flow throughout the space was an open 9 foot wide by 9 foot high custom bookcase with storage below. The unit is a see through concept so items, such as books and records, can be accessed from both sides and creates that identification that they were hoping for. I also wanted to maintain the character of the building and it’s former use as a commercial space by keeping the aesthetic of the unit relatively industrial but warm with 2 tones of a custom stain- a charcoal ash and a walnut finish with hints of the grey in the wood grain. The diagonal- or X- bookcases are supported by black wrought iron construction posts that add o it’s substantial presence. The storage below also features a column on the open end of the unit with pull out storage that is kid friendly for their 4 year old daughter to store and access her toys.